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Our company mastered with UNIGROW™ brand of Microbial Soil Conditioner and Microbial plant growth for any crop, microbial feed additives (intestine adjuster) for any livestock breeding and microbial scavenger of aquatic for any aquaculture, and exclusively marketing in the worldwide. The products are produced under our entrusted and supervision. The number of alive microbe Bacillus Laterosporus (PGPR multi-functional rhizobacteria) contains in Soil Conditioner is more than 2.5 billion /gram (the number of alive microbe is twice than the other brands of similar products); The Streptomyces microflavus contains in Plant Growth , whose function on plant growth and disease prevention is far better than the other Actinomycetes of similar products.

The original bacteria strains of UNIGROW™ brand products introduced from USA by our company. They have been studied, tried to improve, to upgrade to a substantial increase in active number of microbes and other useful compositions in Philippines for 7 years since 1999 year, thus greatly reducing the dosage of products, chemical fertilizer, pesticide and increase the harvest etc great advantages, and then exclusively marketing to more than 36 countries of the world until now. The products are the latest technology from U.S.A and produce in China. They are very good at agriculture. For instance, the results from the usage of our products in Philippines have shown great harvest in cash crop. Because of the disease-resistant, pest control, and role in promoting growth, the products can average increase profit 30% and reduce the normal use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides up to 50% when most farmers accustomed to using large amount of chemical fertilizer. Furthermore, the products help the plants resist cold and hot weathers along with the function of decomposing the acidic (or basic) soil in land. In the poultry and aquaculture industry, these products can promote rapid growth, lower costs (only cost US$0.015 for 0.5 gram to breed one chicken for its lifetime), reduce a lot of the usage of antibiotics, lower mortality, and lighten the odor excrement and urine (particularly as a result of enhanced immunity which may be markedly reduce the occurrences of chicken plague). The products are organic and have proven results in China, European Union Organic Food Production Base, and other areas of countries.

These products are a kind alive dormant of powder of bacterium preparation made by selecting excellent plant growth-promoting and disease-resisting Bacillus Laterosporus with advanced technology from USA. To use, mix 3000 times of water with small quantity of our products along with chemical or other organic fertilizers. 1 hectare only need 500grams, 1 metric ton (1 million grams) of fertilizer can be used on 2000 hectares of areas, and it only cost US$15 /hectare for importing price. They are very light in mass and convenient to transport. Many countries have tested and passed it to be safe, without side effects, and can be applied to all crops.

The fortes of our products are their economical prices, excellent quality, easy to use, and compatible with lands in countries worldwide. Lots of experiments proved our products have very notable results on the plants. In rice and wheat, sometimes it even increases yield by more than 60% and has earlier harvest by two weeks; In corn, it was also observed that 75% or more of the corn plants become productive corn and have earlier harvest by 8 days; In sugarcane, it often increase yield by more than 50% and sweetness by 89% and it can make much ethanol; In banana, it brings earlier harvest by a month, keeps pests, diseases away and prevents rotten root; In coffee, the beans are bigger and more delicious. In tomato, it even increases yield by almost 200%;In Peachy, an additional increase in weight by 87.12% with RIF compared with control; In the long bean, the shelf life of the plants were extended. They were still plucking the Long Beans after 150 days. While plants not using our products normally last, more as less 105 days; In Str

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